There wasn’t much Kagami could say to the other, and he already knew it whenever he thought about him. It was hard to think about anything that had to do with him, but he did. Consistently too. It messed with his head, got him off of his game, and even more so, it made him annoyed at himself for even feeling depressed. Sometimes, he wished he could have banged his head against the wall to make his brain shut down so he could think clearly. Obviously, he’d probably end up in the hospital if he did that, so he refrained.

He found ways to cope though. After a while, he stopped thinking about it so much. It frustrated him more than it helped him, but this meeting, whilst it was a refreshing change of pace, made him want to turn the other way for a few reasons. One main reason was because he wasn’t sure what to say, and even though he could feel one of his thick eyebrows twitch annoyingly at the other’s words, he was relieved he spoke up first.

"I haven’t seen a curse, dumbass," Kagami scowled at him, huffing quietly under a breath and very willing to flip him the bird, but he stopped himself. "Anyways, things happened. Don’t blame me for it," he retorted back, but his voice quieted near the end because staring at Aomine still had him mesmerized like before. He felt very stupid and silly for feeling a twist in his gut and his cheeks flame at being stared — almost a little invasive — by Aomine. It was like he was trying to figure him out, and it was mildly irritating.


"What? Don’t look all pissed off. Like I said, it’s not my fault," the redhead scoffed, looking away from the other and shuffling his feet absent-mindedly. He didn’t want to be scrutinized, but considering the circumstances.. He understood why.

They finally talk after long period of time and as always it started with insults, something that would probably never change. And he felt kind of relieved, not fully grasping reasons behind, but even if they talk didn’t start nicely it still felt good after days of screaming silence and complete loneliness, when only Momoi nagged him and he had chats with Kuroko from time to time. For him in his life there was a deep gap, that couldn’t be filled even by those two, no matter how hard they tried, yet it happened that their help wasn’t needed in the end. Moving an eyebrow, he continued to peer at the other, frowning more after he got a retort back. "I’m not gonna blame anyone, I’ll punch you once and will feel better." He fended away the other words with his own response, even though it wasn’t meant literally, despite the fact that those two concrete power forwards had a literal fight before. To come up with more adequate reaction was nearly impossible, he was happy, but didn’t have way to express it any other way.

To say he was annoyed at that moment also or pissed off meant to say nothing, as it was far from what sensation dwelled within him. By some odd reason, he only wore such expression by default, being accustomed to use it as protection from other people getting close to him, and that day it was something different. "Then whose fault? You acted like a chicken.” Those words were dropped with an uncovered exasperation at Kagami’s actions, yet was he really one to blame? The Touou ace did the same before; unbeknown and obscure feelings scared him and repelled him back, he had zero knowledge and experience in dealing with it and beyond doubt didn’t intend to run and ask for a help. And so was the other.

He exhaled one more time and shifted his gaze at Kagami, while turning a bit and directing after his regard in the direction of the court they usually played on. "Forget it, did you bring a ball? I feel utmost bored, so warm-up will be at least entertaining." He perfectly knew that they needed to talk and to have a serious talk, but those two always came unskilled, when it was ‘bout conversation, exposing feels and thoughts, as it seemed better to do and act one way or another. To be honest, he didn’t want to talk or ‘grind’ the past; he lived in the past for a long, so it was time for a future and possible fresh start.

His head still reminded him a top of a rock, that tried to slide to the side or even fall off at all; and something that filled his chest didn’t make it any better. Restless nights and even insomnia that became replaced only during classes, when power forward slept on the desk, ignoring teacher’s remarks. Compressed and tense sensation, something that suppressed from unknown direction, but he just clearly felt that pressure and he wasn’t able to get rid of it fast; everything changes since he lost, yet he obtained something as well. Disgusting feeling of weakness, that started to come to his understanding after some time. He lost. Abominable and repulsive feeling of own incapability; he felt worthless, like a failure.

And how utterly laughable that the reason, or more to say person, who showed how blind he was and tossed Aomine’s weakness straight in his face managed to become one of closest people to him, on a par with Kuroko and Momoi. Still— Some time passed and they didn’t see each other, days lingered and the tanned teen easily got bored without worthy entertainment he found with the redhead. Yet by mischance or not after long time they went in contact newly and even arranged meeting. Kagami didn’t wear any happy expressions on his visage, when the finally face on the alley and silence fell upon the two, as none of them attempted to start talking. Letting out a bit of annoyed sigh, Aomine frowned and stared at the other, desiding to start first.


"Took centuries to get back, Bakagami? And what’s with your face? You look like you see a curse.” The Touou ace hissed out with a slightly tired tone that provided his words, even if he felt slightly relieved, seeing the other male. After all the time and all fights they shared, there still was unidentified feeling, he wasn’t capable to describe.


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   Senpai? Whoah, Aomine knew how to be respectful? Amazing. Then again, it wasn’t like he knew Aomine’s relationship with his teammates too well. All he knew was all he saw. Whatever personal connections they might have, Kagami didn’t know of it. “Don’t you have his number? Why don’t you message him or something…? Wouldn’t it be fast that way?” 


"Your creative suggestion is so helpful, dim-light-kun." He obviously was making fun of Kagami and didn’t even try to hide his laugh, turning and looking at the other, awaiting for reaction back. Most of the time they spent competing with each other and arguing ‘bout various matters, yet there were times, when the tanned teen allowed himself to dilute that tense atmosphere with couple of jokes, mostly insulting. "I prefer to deal with him personally, so message was sent, still there was no reply. And I don’t intend to run after him like a dog."


   ”Shut up…” he mumbled, glaring at the other begrudgingly. Slumping back against the couch, Kagami stares Aomine and tilts his head. “Ah.. you mean your captain?” The redhead shifts in his spot to get comfortable, crossing his legs like a pretzel. “Mmm, yeah, what about him? Did he do something..?” Because it wasn’t like Aomine to be talking about any of his teammates. Or at least he never heard Aomine ever mentioning his team outside of basketball. 


"Yeah, Imayoshi-senpai.” He spoke leisurely, without hiding mockery in his voice, when he dropped the latter word not even implying it in its sense, evidently neglecting seniority. At least already former Touou captain had guts to fight him back and didn’t watch his tongue, while dealing with kiseki no ace; so he spared few points of personal respect to that male, and it seemed that Imayoshi was the only one who could impact on him. "Usually he finds me everywhere, but when I have questions, he disappears."



   His eye twitches at the comment, and forces himself to sit up. “You don’t have the rights to request someone with a higher intelligence, Ahomine,” he grumbled. Sighing, the redhead scratches the back of his head. “Don’t know… just kinda ended up here.” 

Barely audible chuckle left his lips at the other power forward’s statement or even objection, and after he averted his gaze to bluntly staring nowhere concrete. "I can do, as I please. Especially you’re even worse help in this business." Touou ace exhaled and rubbed his neck, suppressing attempt to yawn due his idleness during that day, that provided strange sensation if he actually was getting old; or it was merely influence of indolence that consumed his being. "You know that creep with glasses. I was talking ‘bout him."



The tanned teen lifted himself from the couch he was lying on, when he sensed someone’s appearance. Cobalt hues pierced down at the redhead with a slightly concerned look mixed with annoyance, being disturbed. "I requested someone with higher intelligence, than yours, Kagami. Anyway, what the fuck you’re doing here?"


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”..D-Dai-kun..? Wait your not her! Who are you!”

His eyebrow went up and expression full of surprise was plastered all over his features, as it seemed he was addressed, yet the other took back words, referring delusion in look to some female, that only deepened his wonderment. "Dai-kun, apparently. Or Dai-chan. Satsuki calls me this way most of the time. And who are you and how do you know me?"

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