Kagami quirked a thick brow at the other, reading over what Aomine was talking about exactly and trying not to punch that annoying expression off of his stupid face. Both eyebrows raised, and his eyes shot up to look at the other with a bit of skepticism. “Really?” He tilted his head, trying to read the other’s expression, but he was being a hard ass, like usual. “You’re joking. Seriously, you, taking someone to a prom? Much less me? I’m surprised Momoi isn’t trying to drag you along or something. Why do you want to go?”


Loud and ringing sound notified the other, when Aomine’s hand met his forehead. It was a sound of a broken hope, a gesture of a deep disappointment. Yet it was expected from someone slow-witted like Kagami.


"Jeez, you’re hopelessly retarded." He exhaled, changing his tone into tired and moving hand away from his face. Dark blue orbs returned their stare at the other, reading his expression and still being shocked and wondering, how the redhead could survive with his ability to be so blind and dumb at times. "Nah, Satsuki will most likely annoy Tetsu with it.. And yeah, I’d like to take someone. And this someone is a complete and dull idiot, who’s standing in front of me." I wonder to myself, how I was even able to deal with him all these months?


"It’ll be Saturday! What deeds will you have, retard? I want to offer you something."


"Don’t be a fucking douche bag. I don’t know. Chores? Laundry? Shit, things you don’t do. Anyways, what is it? If you want to play a one-on-one, why are we waiting until May to play?"

"It’s not my fault that you’re weak in the head, Bakagami." Irritated scowl crossed his features, as he stared at the other, curving lips in a displeased expression. "It’s not…an actual one-on-one. I saw this shit going around, so if you’re free— we can participate.” With still annoyed expression at the other’s stupidity, Aomine let out with uncovered sensation of being even more dumb, dealing with the other.

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It happened to be one of those rare tedious days for them, when the opportunity playing basketball and hanging out at Maji Burger was cut off by sudden weather worsening, that forced them to stay indoors without any normal possibility to dilute boredom. Monotonous sounds from rain drops and sleepy mood that went from thickening fog, and just all that sensation from wet weather that covered and lulled even more.

What could be more tiring to be caught between four walls in flat; even reading magz became boring afte some time, what made Aomine to get himself up from the bed and join the redhead, who seemed found self entertainment with cooking. Nothing less was expected from him, to be honest. Making his way to the hall, the tanned teen suddenly stopped near the wall and leaned against it, watching what the other was doing.. Usual movements along the kitchen, where you also could here his mumbling, something ‘bout portions. Sounds were heard from TV, that most possible was turned on just to make side noises. After some time he heard some strange noises at the bottom of his stomach, that informed his ‘bout being hungry, as also inviting smell of cooked food also deed half of job of calling for his hunger.

Aomine approached Kagami with open desire to look over his shoulder and steal some food, for ‘just to take a taste’ as like his usual excuse. Yet he was caught and forced to sit on the couch, as the redhead said it should to stay like that for some time, to get to its taste or something like at, as he was too far from understanding cooking terms. They changed TV channel and tried to watch basketball match, if they weren’t able to play, also waiting for meal getting ready. Yet after some time the Touou ace felt like something touched his shoulder and by the corner of his eyes he noticed that it was dozed off Kagami.

Light smile crossed his fearures as he watched sleeping angel, who somehow could look kind of cute and dumb at the same time, while sleeping. Lifting his hand and bringing it to touch red hair, he ran his finger through red locks, petting the other. It was hard to blame him, including the weather outside. Even though letting out barely audible sigh, Aomine closed his eyes and moved closer to the other, pressing his cheek against the other’s head. It felt warm in a comparisson with wet and cold feeling the rain made him feel; so having some more rest wouldn’t harm..


"Sweet dreams, Kagami." Left his lips, when he also fell into deep sleep, dreaming ‘bout something only he would know, yet without doubt it was something pleasant, as small and happy smile creeped on his face once again.

basketballidiot started following you..


"Oi! Stalker aho. I can see you, ya know?"


"The fuck I’m stalker?" Aomine turned to the sound of voice that was coming from familiar and most of the time annoying guy, yet when blue orbs stopped on the other’s features, he raised an eyebrow, losing another part of his reply, or more to say of his irritated speech, giving out just— "Did you do something with your dumb face? You look old."


it’s been awhile but… LET’S WELCOME THESE KNB RPERS~ ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

uwaahh~ mini!aominecchi is gonna be so cuteeee~ I’ll bring him to all my photoshoots-ssu~

His desire to go down the drain became higher with every second, and that state just only started to be; that meant still over twenty hours of pure hell and mockery. And here we had it, and of course one certain blond started it.

"Don’t fuck with me, Kise! Who needs your photos, when I have Mai-chan?"


Casually stumbles upon the smaller version of Aomine. “Hey kid, did you lose your—Wait.. Aomine? What the hell?

Just amazing, but in an opposite verse of that word that the tanned teen, but at that moment child already, wasn’t able to produce due his lack of a better word, ‘cause he was still shocked that it did happen again. And he needed to suffer not few hours, but the whole day; also more problems added the fact of him living alone, so his possibilities to even feed himself were totally cut off.

Trying to get back to his home, he was almost knocked down and even irritated speech was created on his mind as a retort to that action, when his dark blue orbs identified his middle school captain and senpai. Another note on the wall of his shame in front of other people.

Frowning a lil, Aomine hissed out. “Are you asking me? I don’t know a shit ‘bout it, but it happened before… Maybe it’s even contagious.”

M!A: You will now be a toddler/child for at least a day.

"Not this shit agai—"




"Fuck my life, to be honest." I’ll find you whoeverdidthis later.


Title: My Precious Light
Characters: Aomine Daiki, Kagami Taiga
Pairing: AoKaga
Challenge: #59 OTP Battle
Summary: Aomine always thinks Kagami is his light, the one who brought him back from the darkness, he spend every time he can to cherish it.
Submitted by: Megu


"Aominecchi! Will you play a game of one on one with me?" The blond male jumps up and down excitedly. "I think I’ve gotten even better since last time!"


So annoying.' He exhaled, when that thought crossed his mind and paifully familiar nickname reached hearing. Nonchalantly moving his shoulder and lifting hand to rub back of his neck, tanned teen suppressed desire to yawn and looked directly at the blond. “It's like I don't have anything better to do, so I'm game.”